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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army


The service was established in 1885 for the purpose of tracing adult members of family with whom contact has been lost - whether recently or in the distant past.

The Salvation Army operates in well over 100 countries around the world.

Every working day of the year, at least 10 people are successfully traced and reunited with their families in the United Kingdom alone.

Maybe we can help with your search. Enquiries from within the United Kingdom should be sent (stamped addressed return envelope, please) to

The Salvation Army
Family Tracing Service
101 Newington Causeway
London SE1 6BN

Telephone: 020-7367 4747
(Monday to Friday - 8.15 am to 3.45 pm)

If your request falls within our normal tracing programme, you will be sent a questionnaire for completion with details of the person you wish to find. There is a nominal fee for the service

Please note that there are certain enquiries with which the Family Tracing Service does not normally become involved, for example those to do with:

  • Friends or others with whom there is no formal relationship
  • Situations where adoption has taken place
  • Fathers of children born outside marriage
  • Young people under 16/17 years
  • Family history research

Further guidance on eligibility can be obtained by contacting the above address or telephone number.

For more information about the Family Tracing Service (including stories of those who have been helped) go to The Salvation Army's web site


Enquirers living outside the United Kingdom should get in touch with their nearest Salvation Army centre - address from the telephone directory or from The Salvation Army's international web site


Enquiries are dealt with only by post.

Registered Charity number 215174.


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